Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here is my drum set pretty much complete for me to use for my sheep to rock out to. I done a few different colours but as my main theme is going to be black ad white, i thought having a quite a bright drum set would really help to make my piece to look attractive. I also have a clip on which i intend on using from about 40 seconds in but i here is the full video. I will use around 7 seconds of this footage.

Around 10 minutes ago, i had my formative to see how i am getting on with my progress. I believe it went quite well, but i need to so some story boarding to think about what sort of camera shots i want going on. My first thought was not to have all that many, but as i thought a little deeper, it may work to my advantage, as i am having quite a heavy drum beat going on for one of my indents. As i only have 4 weeks to go i really need to start animating, so me being able to model a sheep is starting to become less and less possible. So, my latest idea is to use a Moom rig that was given to use last year and just add a sheep costume onto him. This may then become funnier for the audience as well as help me!

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