Thursday, 26 November 2009

This is my first image that i drew when i was trying to figure out how i would like my sheep to start looking, but this is not the type of look i was going for but was giving me a good understanding of what a sheep looked like.

Here you can see i have changed a few things, i wanted to rep-present the sheep as a person almost, by adding piecings and a goaty which makes him look angry. This is a style that is very much used in the grunge/ goth world.Here is a black sheep and is slowly forming in the way i wanted. The face is still "to cute" if you like and i do not think this would suit the setting of my animation.
Here is pretty much at its final stage, the sheep looks mean and has the piercings. The only problem i was thinking that i was going to have was, would i be able to model this?
After some attempts of modeling which was not going in my favor, i wondered to myself could i transform the moom rig to look like a sheep? I done experiments, and this did not turn to look as through this would work sadly.
Here i started experiments with colour as i know that i wanted a black and white theme for my animation. Adding bright colours to my instruments would liven up my work and add some depth to my piece.

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