Monday, 19 October 2009

So here is a preview of what i would like my character to look like, the only problem with it is that, it looks a little like a deer.... So any of you notice that? Remember when i had said that i started modeling my sheep in 3D, well that has been scrapped because the sheep was not going to look like it had any personality. So i went back to the drawing board and this is what i came up with. I think this shows character and that it is not just your typical day to day sheep that you see.

Today i received my Maya Character Rigging book which i ordered from Amazon about five days ago. There looks to be some really interesting things and shall help me to be able to start rigging. The only thing now is that i need the time to read it, and with all the projects and life out of university, it makes it a little difficult!
I finally received an email from melissa and this is what she had to say:

Hi Karen! As far as the model of the sheep, my friend created the model for me to rig and animate. I credit him at the end of the reel. There's nothing easy about modeling lol. We went to Fullsail University together. The method for modeling was mostly get some photo reference and model to the pictures. I drew up the ideas i had for what the sheep's face should look like and he interpreted them to work in a model. I have no idea if that's helpful at all, but you can see the sketch on my website! Sincerely, Melissa As a student studying modeling and animation... There are a lot of resources cgtalk highend3d and animation mentor links have been important resources to me. Feel free to ask me any questions! Repiled on the 17th october at 2.14pm

So, if you can gather from the email, it was not quite the information that i was hoping for, she pretty much said what i already knew but at least she got back to me and tried helping, it looks as though i need to send an email to her friend.......

My next step is to do a few more drawings, read my new book and start modeling in Maya again!

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