Sunday, 11 October 2009

Above are a few images of The Black Sheep Bar. This should help to get a little understanding of what the bar looks like. The first image is artwork which is inside the bar, there are also other images of artists and staff who have worked there.

Okay so i have been trying to model a sheep, but there has been no luck. I haven't done any modeling so i don't really know what the hell i am doing. I've looked for tutorials but there was nothing. I done some further research and found an animator called Melissa who has animated a sheep. Whilst looking through her website, she had posted her email address for people like me to contact her.
I am now waiting to hear a reply from her to see if she has any tips for me to help out on my project. I just hope she contacts me soon. Until i can sort myself out with a rigged sheep, i don't feel like i should create other things, such as a drum set as i am worried that i will have no luck with a sheep and may even be forced to go in a different direction.

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