Thursday, 15 October 2009

So, what is the lastest change to my progress you ask? Well! It is going a little slow. When i went into university on Monday i was feeling a little under the weather but nothing that would stop me coming in, until Wednesday. Wednesday i had my weekly lesson with Gareth and oh my, did i feel terrible!? I felt so ill that i had to leave at lunch time and have been stuck in my bed since, and yes i am in my bed right now if you were wondering.
Before when i had said that i had emailed a lady called Melissa about any tips on how to model a sheep in Maya, well, i am still waiting to hear back from her but it is not looking good. I was having difficulty processing how i would go about this. So, i emailed my teacher Jared about my situation and he was very helpful. Now the one thing i really need to remind myself about animation is KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!! I don't have to make a complex sheep, having it simple probably makes it look more animated then trying to capture the real thing. With some useful words and websites from Jared i was on my way. But i have more of my own research which i have collected and now finding useful. A website called turbo squid ( which is a site which sells 3D models) has helped me figure out how i want my sheep to be. They had a range of different models and there was one i quite like which is going to be my inspiration.
Now i would post the picture up if i could but you are unable to safe pictures from the website, so heres the link,

I am now back into Maya, slowly reminding myself of everything, and i have now started modeling my sheep, though i have only created the form so far. I just need to create the eyes, nose, mouth and start doing colouring and texuring and i shall pretty much be there. Then i have all the props to make, eeekkk.
I am unsure how far i should be in my project so far, but i'm hoping i am not falling behind.

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