Thursday, 8 October 2009

I have been told by my teacher Jared that we need to produce a blog during our first term of our second year.

The first week started off great met new people and made new friends. But now the hard work is about to begin already and what a adventure it should be.

My class were given three different briefs from which we could choose from but none of them cried to me in the slightest. To my delight, we were also able to create or slightly change the briefs to our interests.
For the time being, my brief is going to be to create three different icons ten seconds each, for a place called The Black Sheep Bar, which is in Croydon, for any of you who may know. They have a set routine each night for music, for example Thursday is metal and Friday is indi music.
I am going to focus on three different types of music, two of which is above and have a black sheep rocking out to each night.
I have done some research into The Black Sheep Bar and i am just waiting to hear from a member of staff there as i need to pitch my ideas to him and hope he agrees to what i have to say. But as they are my client, the focus is on them and i shall do whatever they ask of me, as long as it isnt something i cant model or animate.
The only issue i am having at the moment is contact with them. Ive waited a few days to hear from someone which has been non successful. So as i had a friend who used to work they called James i am wondering if i could talk to him instead.

Todays lesson we had a presentation on When I Grow Up I Want To Be......
Now even though i am not taking the character brief, there has been some really interesting information about the best way to go about making a character. My teacher showed us a book called Maya Character Rigging, which i am really interested in getting my hands on, so i am going to try and find it on the internet for cheap if possible.

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