Thursday, 26 November 2009

Here is a couple of screen shots from my two animations. The first one is for Thursday night which is metal night:

I done some research in camera angles through music videos on the telly and through youtube. Have you ever noticed how a drummer in a band never really has all that much focus on a music video, there will be like a two second clip then they distance away back to the singer. This made my job a little more difficult. So i found the best thing to do was to just experiment with camera angles myself. This took a little while but i found this to be quite an interesting issue as i have never thought about camera angles all that much even though they are so important to many media programes.

As you may have noticed most of them are pretty much straight angle shots as i found having a camera behind the sheep or an angle did not really show much depth to him playing the drums. Where i have put in an angle i have found this to have broken up the other similar angles nicely and does not feel like they are to repetitive.

My second piece has a few more interesting camera shots compared to my first piece. This is because i had more space to play around to create interesting angles. Also seeing someone playing guitar is very popular in music videos which was a great help for me. I wanted a good mixture of close and wide shots as you can see what the sheep is doing close up, even though he does not have any fingers which i think ruins the piece a little.

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