Thursday, 26 November 2009

So as you can see i have been away for a while, as most of you will probably know this is due to creating my animations in Maya. I shall be posting up images from where things have gone right and badly wrong where i have had to change direction with a few things. As an overall statement things have gone quite well. I was very worried at one stage about this project but with the help of teachers and friends of the class, i have been able to come up with a couple of idents which i am fairly pleased off.

Above is one of my failed tests of modeling a sheep, after a lot of experimenting and playing around with this model, it was then found that i could not use this as i had made each piece individually. But at least i learned that this is never the way to go of modeling, so that has been avoided as much as possible ever since. I also found that using the sheep fur tool in Maya was also a no no, only because it would take a while to render a scene shot, so trying to render out a whole animation would have taken forever and i knew that was not the real way forward.

Here was a very quick test of what a moom would look like if i tried to make him look as though he was wearing a sheep costume, but as you can see this does not look very good so this was scrapped straight away.

As time was going on and i was getting more worried as the days went on, i cried out for help. A few hours later and help was offered to me by Clym, he was a great help with creating my sheep. Clym made me realize a lot of things about modeling and just having more faith in myself instead of giving up so quickly. Thank you Clym for all your help, you are a star!
Once the sheep was completed i was on my way to animating.

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